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I'm the kind of girl who has accounts everywhere... multiples accounts everywhere (for some obscure reason). But I'm not a freak who will annoy and harass you trying to hide the fact those accounts are mine, I'm just a stalker. Just sayin'.

I just try to avoid spamming too much of my different fandoms on my original blog because I have much more followers there, who do not follow me for all those fandoms I'm into, though I already spam a lot there so... Well, I guess I try to focus on only a few fandoms there and allow myself to reblog about every single fandom (which is a lot) I'm into here. (^∀^)♥

♥ AAA ♥ Da-iCE ♥ 岡田将生 (Okada Masaki) ♥ 北乃きい (Kitano Kie)
♥ Doctor Who ♥ Game of Thrones ♥ CSI:NY ♥ Charmed ♥
♥ Sherlock ♥ Once Upon a Time ♥ Supernatural ♥ NCIS ♥
♥ Dollhouse ♥ Dexter ♥ The Big Bang Theory ♥ Daria ♥
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♥ The Chronicles of Narnia ♥ Harry Potter ♥ The Hunger Games ♥
And lots of other things...



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Daenerys Fan Challenge 2A: Favourite Relationship — Drogon & Daenerys.

He is fire made flesh, she thought, and so am I.

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Doctor Who meme | six companions [2/6]

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Not now, Yahiko.

Well you see guys… there was this post and and the comment attached to it and well I -

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Ladies and Gentlemen, I present the entire series of the Penguin Drop Caps! 

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this is the strongest vine I ever seen

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